Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh how I love the Temple

Dear Family, Friends, Theater People (man I miss theater ) and the Strange People I deal with (jk)
This week was so much fun.  Wednesday we got to go to the Temple with our resent convert Derek Deitz (he kind of reminds me of my dad)  and it was so cool Elder Rose and I got to help with confirmations and that was so cool. I am glad dad let me borrow the car when I was in AZ this summer so I could to the temple and work there.   (THANKS DAD)  I could feel the spirit so strong when I laid my hands on his head and after he took us out to a sushi place that was all you can eat. It was so good and we talked to him about his wife Nicole who is not a member and her concerns and it was so cool. You can tell he loves the church and his wife so much she is just not ready yet but that is OK.

We had this other recent convert come and it was his first time coming to the temple and he loved it and he has been a convert for a year and a couple months. We talked to him after and the reason was he thought he could get everything done in the temple all at once. Now he knows that he cant do that, he wants to get his full recommend and he wants to go to the temple once a week. I was over the moon because before it was hard to help him go to the temple because he never experienced it and coffee was hard for him but he is doing really well.

I have to go but you guys need to go to the temple as much as you can. 

I love you all

Love Elder Brewster

Monday, August 22, 2016

Having the Faith to Not Find

Dear Family and Friends and others and Olympians 

This week has not been a great week a lot of trackting but no one wants to hear the gospel and I was having a hard time but then our mission president told us we can not give up we need to have the faith not to find and that has really helped me to realize that I have to put my shoulder to the wheel and push along and do my duty with a heart full of song, oh wait that was a song sorry,  its the theater kid in me.  But no that is true I'm sorry if this email is no very long but that is ok because I am not very long on my mission.  I need to grow and become better as we all need to do (and I was writing my dad sorry(not)). I have another challenge for you guys have the faith to pray and find answers to questions and have faith not to find them but to keep going for them because that is the only way we grow.  I love you guys and girls and everyone except Brody,  JK. I would never say that Brody is the best and I really do love and miss you guys but this where I am meant to be. I love you all

and send me email about life and any questions you have for me. So long farewell, Auf Wiedersehen good night (Dang I did it again)

OK, I really love you all

Love Elder Brewster    

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pics from Zone Conference

Finding in a Tornado

I forgot to post this last week (Thayne TJ Brewster)

Dear Family, Friends, People with Broken Foots and Other Injuries,

This week was kind of normal week except there was a tornado and we where about 5 miles away from it but it wasn't very big. We heard the storm horns and so let me start at the beginning of the story.  We were having a big mission wide finding activity to find new investigators. We had a goal in that three hours we would give out 2 Books of Mormon and 3 Restoration lessons and 1 baptismal set. We just got off the conference call that we had before we went out to find, ate dinner right before we went out and then we heard a loud noise. The Loud noise was for a tornado. We start kinda freaking out and so then it start pouring rain and we decided after about 10 minutes that we would go out because we were told to find new investigators. We got in our rain stuff and then after 30 min it stops raining and no one let us in (this was on Thursday night just to let you know) We went house to house and nothing, but then the lord gave us a tender mercy and this one lady, (her name is Rachel) she let us in we taught her the restoration took a b of m and she said she was not going to become a Mormon but it really made me happy that we were let in and that was our very last house that night. Just know the Lord wont give you new investigators or huge miracles but he will help you grow and to learn more about him and his marvelous powers

I love you guys,

Email you in a week

Elder Brewster

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dear Family, Friends, Old People and People Who Just Had Surgery, 

Not much has happened this week except we got our first 2 new investigators on my mission, which makes me very happy!!!! We were on exchanges with the Millard Elders and it was Wednesday and I found out that Elder Rose and Elder Swaner found Brittney and her daughter Maria.  Brittney said she wanted to be baptized and we are going to have a return appointment today and another time this week.  I'm very excited and we found out she is moving over to Gretna and that is out of our area so that we are most likely going to hand her over to the Gretna Elders at the end of September. I am just excited to start them on the path to get baptized and to let them get closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I have a commitment for you.  You don't have to do it, but I challenge you to do it. My Challenge is for you to pray to know what to share with others about our religion and what we believe.  Then share it with someone who you think needs that message in their life.  It does not need to be a nonmember or a less active just anyone you think needs that.  I know as a representative  of  Jesus  Christ and his gospel you will come closer to him and his father who is the father of your spirit. I also know that if you do this you will have joy even in times of trials and I say these thing in the name of Jesus Christ amen


Elder Brewster 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome to NOM Every Rose has its Thorn

Dear Family, Friends, Dad, Mom, Brody and Everyone on the blog,

I love you guys I am in my first area with Elder Rose and he is from
Montana and he lived on a ranch and he loves horses. It has been fun
and busy these past few days and I have meet some investigators we
have and new members and recent converts that are so cool and have
cool story's . Like Derek Deitz, he was an off and on again
investigator and his sister is a convert and it took so many
missionaries to talk to him and finally he had this picture of this
boat and the only thing he though it needed was an ore and one of the
Elders in the Rose-Larsen companionship had a necklace of an ore and
gave it to him and it really touched his heart and he was baptized
about 4 weeks later and now we are working with his wife and son to
come unto Christ and get baptized and I am so excited.

Elder Rose and I have been having a hard time finding a new
investigator so put us in your prayers.  I am just so wanting to bring
more people unto Christ and not a lot of people have really listened
to us but I am still striving to do my best.  Well I have to go but just
to say I love this ward I am in and I just love the people and are excited
to serve them and Pres Gardner is awesome and he is called of God
and he is meant to be here with us.  I love you and miss you guy have
a fantastic school year I love you guys