Monday, September 25, 2017

I am in Grand Island, Nebraska !!!

Dear family and friends,

This week I was transferred to Grand Island (the only island in Nebraska)  and I  am with Elder Adlotte and he and I were trained by the same trainer, Elder Rose, so we are brothers. We are having a fun time here in Grand Island. so this week we found  5 new investigators.The  people here are so awesome they just let you talk to them and most of them are good people and they  want to hear our message and that is sweet and so we didn't get anyone at church which was sad,  but we had this one kid his name is Stewart and he is so prepared he is on parole and so that sucks but he is  willing to come and so that is sweet.   well I will tell you more next week but I love you all and miss you and I hope you all have a great general conference

Elder Brewster

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick week, but a good week!!

Dear family and friends 
 This week was really fun.  On Wednesday we found 2 new investigators and one of them gave us an
Aloe Vera plant and some flosses and it was really funny and cool. and then we were picked up for district meeting by our zone leaders and that was fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and was lots of fun and I helped one of their recent coverts quite smoking by having her give us her cigarettes (see pic) and then I was sick on 
Friday, Saturday,

and Sunday. and so we were inside all day and I am so glad that I  am feeling better and so that was our week well I hope you have a great week I love you all
love Elder Brewster

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trip to Marysville, Kansas

dear family and friends

so this week was another week with bikes and it was really good. we got 1 new investigator this week. and that was fun and then we had district meeting and that was fun and then on Sunday we went down to Marysville Kansas and we spoke there and then president Kearl (counselor to our mission president) who drove us down gave a great testimony and answer to a prayer and said to them if all the people get one name for us we will come down twice a month and go see those people and so that was so awesome and a sweet little miracle and so yeah that was our week I love you all

LOVE elder Brewster

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bikes/Zone Conference and Many People at Church

dear family and friends

So this week was a great week we were able to get two new investigators  this week and I was so glad it has been a hard transition from car to bikes and so it makes work just a little bit harder. so this week we had zone conference and that was so much fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and that was fun. then we had a great time at church because over 50 people were at church this week and so that was awesome

and there were people there that have not been to church in over 3 years and they were there and everyone was so happy. but so that was our
week I love you all

tell me how your weeks been I love you and hope your week has been awesome

LOVE elder Brewster