Monday, October 16, 2017

Slow but good Week

ear family and friends
so this week not to much happened this week but we say stewart and he is doing really good and then we say a lot of less  actives for the ward and that was fun and so we have zone conference on wednesday and so that will but fun but today I will send pics i love you have a great week
love elder Brewster

Monday, September 25, 2017

I am in Grand Island, Nebraska !!!

Dear family and friends,

This week I was transferred to Grand Island (the only island in Nebraska)  and I  am with Elder Adlotte and he and I were trained by the same trainer, Elder Rose, so we are brothers. We are having a fun time here in Grand Island. so this week we found  5 new investigators.The  people here are so awesome they just let you talk to them and most of them are good people and they  want to hear our message and that is sweet and so we didn't get anyone at church which was sad,  but we had this one kid his name is Stewart and he is so prepared he is on parole and so that sucks but he is  willing to come and so that is sweet.   well I will tell you more next week but I love you all and miss you and I hope you all have a great general conference

Elder Brewster

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick week, but a good week!!

Dear family and friends 
 This week was really fun.  On Wednesday we found 2 new investigators and one of them gave us an
Aloe Vera plant and some flosses and it was really funny and cool. and then we were picked up for district meeting by our zone leaders and that was fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and was lots of fun and I helped one of their recent coverts quite smoking by having her give us her cigarettes (see pic) and then I was sick on 
Friday, Saturday,

and Sunday. and so we were inside all day and I am so glad that I  am feeling better and so that was our week well I hope you have a great week I love you all
love Elder Brewster

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trip to Marysville, Kansas

dear family and friends

so this week was another week with bikes and it was really good. we got 1 new investigator this week. and that was fun and then we had district meeting and that was fun and then on Sunday we went down to Marysville Kansas and we spoke there and then president Kearl (counselor to our mission president) who drove us down gave a great testimony and answer to a prayer and said to them if all the people get one name for us we will come down twice a month and go see those people and so that was so awesome and a sweet little miracle and so yeah that was our week I love you all

LOVE elder Brewster

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bikes/Zone Conference and Many People at Church

dear family and friends

So this week was a great week we were able to get two new investigators  this week and I was so glad it has been a hard transition from car to bikes and so it makes work just a little bit harder. so this week we had zone conference and that was so much fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and that was fun. then we had a great time at church because over 50 people were at church this week and so that was awesome

and there were people there that have not been to church in over 3 years and they were there and everyone was so happy. but so that was our
week I love you all

tell me how your weeks been I love you and hope your week has been awesome

LOVE elder Brewster

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I get to be a real missionary!!

Dear family and friends

This week's been pretty crazy, and there's been a lot that's happened.  We lost our car Wednesday night, so we're full-time on bicycles now.  We spent most of the week from Thursday to Saturday in Mahoney on exchanges with our District Leader while we sorted out getting bikes and everything.  I'm excited to have bikes now--I think we'll be able to work a lot more effectively now, and it'll be easier for us to talk to more people!
and so that was our week and it was so stressful for me but I am so glad that no one got hurt well I will tell you more next week I love you all


getting ready to meet Pres. Russel M. Nelson
ELder Brewster 🚴

Monday, August 21, 2017


President Nelson's visit. The whole mission was together for this spiritual, awesome event

dear family and friends 
this week was amazing we had so much fun seeing president Nelson! and also Elder Andersonerson from the 70's and also elder Carpenter.
 it was so good.   elder Carpenter
shared about loving and to have the love to be the lord missionaries and that was amazing and then elder andersen talk on head, heart and soul knowledge and that was so cool was that soul knowledge is what you become by practicing by living it and that was so cool to learn and it is where you have a solid testimony of the gospel grows
and then sister nelson talked about the scriptures and how you need to always have the scriptures open so that we can learn from the spirit and then she talked about the gathering Israel and that was so cool how she related it to family history and then president nelson talked to us about following the example of our mission president and his wife and how we should follow their counsel and also how we should marry someone like sister Gardner. and so he talked about marriage for a little while and that was so funny because he said wait you are missionaries, we shouldn't talk about this right now.   that was so funny and then he talked about the book of Mormon and the amazing tool it is and he talked about the great blessing we have of knowing these things and then he talked about how our families will be blessed  and that made me think of brody and it made me cry it was so awesome well ok I better go but I saw the eclipse  and it was sweet well I love you all
love elder Brewster

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Prophecy Came True :)

dear family and friends
this week has gone by so fast.. on Tuesday we did service and so we helped this family who was in need get furniture,  and also other stuff and we did that with brother and sister king who are awesome members here and so willing to help anyone.then we found out elder Twede was getting transferred so he packed while I cleaned and then we went to Omaha to drop Elder Twede off, and pick up my new companion, Elder Winward
 it is awesome because 2 things: 1. we were in the same distict in the MTC and 2. in the MTC we guessed that we would eventually be companions, when we got out in the field.
and we where right! then we got a new car and it is a brown 2017 Toyota Corrola and it is nice. then we went to 2 small towns in are area and   
they were called vergina and filley and there were not too many people that liked us, but it was a lot of fun and then on Saturday we went out to Tecumseh and we had some fun going out with one of the  priest's in our branch, Logan and then we ate at their  house and it was good. then we had a great time at church and I am so excited because we have more miles to use in our car so all the members want us going over to their  friends so we are really excited and then today, president gardner sent me this quote and it is so true and i hope you like it

"The things we learn from the Book of Mormon prophets are not just interesting episodes. The doctrine they taught, the examples they set, the challenges they overcame and the testimonies they have born were included in the record for you and for me as guidance in our latter day labors as the Lords servants." Elder David A. Bednar

and so that is what i have been trying to do in my studies this week and so i ask you all to do this when you read ask your self. how can i use/apply  this in my life? and it will change your life and how you look at the scriptures
well I love you all
have a great week
love elder Brewster
 Elder Winward eating his shoe?!!!

 Elder Porter, the morning of his final day of his mission.
 Elder Brewster showing his nieces/nephews how to teach the gospel to peoplw in Walmart
Elder Winward

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Apostle Russel M. Nelson/Loving Missionary Work

braxton brewster

AttachmentsAug 7 (1 day ago)
dear family and friends,
 so this week not a ton happened here.I can tell you the apostle is  President Russel M Nelson. and the whole mission is so excited to meet him and also get to learn from him for 2 hours and get a picture with him so it is so exciting. and that is going to happen all on the 19th of august so 12 days away. it is so cool and scary.

This week we went all the way to deshler and had a lesson with a less active member and her nonmember daughter and we had dinner with them and a really cool family in are branch, the baileys. and then we went up to Lincoln this week and went on exchanges and it was alot  of fun it is always fun to be around other elders and to learn form them. and then so we had a dinner planed with Michelle (the lady from last week) but she got really busy this week so we are probablly going to see her next week. we have  a new investigator her name is ashley and she is super nice and she really likes the restoration. and then we went on a team up with one of our priest here and he is a funny kid who wants to go on a mission so we are excited to work with him well
that was our week 

and so this week are transfers,  so Iwill tell you what happens next week. 

i love you all and just know that God loves you and will always guide and help you 

have great week 

LOVE, Elder Brewster

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Have Faith and be ALL IN :)

dear family and friends
so this week was tons of fun. to start off, I am going to give you our  miracle that I told president this week here it is:

we had a really cool experience.we have been praying for a miracle this week and so we decided  to go to south side of town and so Elder Twede was prompted to go to this one house that has a pretty big drive way.   and so we see this 14 year old kid out side and we ask if his parents are there and he said his mom was inside in the bathroom. we said we would come back later and so we start walking up the drive way when the mom (Michelle) comes out and says "are you the Mormons "and we said yes.   she has been going though a really hard time she just lost her husband in a lawn mowing accident about 2 months  ago and her father passed away a year ago and she said she wants to talk to us for alittle bit.   she told us that story and asked if we could pray with her, extacly  where her husband passsed away and so we did and she really liked it. we were going to teach her the plan of salvation but she said she was alittle drunk and wanted us to come a back another time.   so we are going over there on Thursday and she was so thankful for us coming over because she has 2 uncles that live in Utah and one of them is a bishop and so it was so amazing to see us planning by the spirit and following  promptings of the Lord

so that happened last night and it was so amazing, but also this week we helped a less active family move and we got really close really fast it was just crazy and sad. this week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and we had a lot of fun and also we went to this small town call pickrell and we were going around finding and this little girl just keep following us everywhere it was so funny, and then one of our investigators went cazy and started yelling at this guy who was walking down the street and then we found out he was drunk so we left.and he really wants us to help him stop drinking.   so ya it was good crazy week I hope you all have a great week 

I love you all

love elder Brewster