Monday, December 11, 2017


Dear family and friend 
so this week was really sad because Satan was working overtime on Luis and he did not want to be baptized because he found so anti stuff and got mad. and we were really sad. but then we found out that his cousin cleared things up so we are going try to keep working with him though is cousin so we need your prayers for him

and then this week was elder aydelottes last week in the mission so that is super sad!!! 

but we had a great time a Christmas party this week and elder aydelotte said goodbye to a lot of people and so that was fun well so this week is transfers so i will tell you next week who I get
 well i love you 
Merry Christmas to all to all a good week 

love elder Brewster

ps. sorry no pics forgot my camra cord 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Miracle with Luis

Dear  family and friends 

so this week was so sweet so we had a great experience with luis so we where teaching him with brother leal who is awesome and luis wanted to push the date back but brother leal asked him what would stop you from being baptized on the 9th and then luis said sigh nothing and then we had the idea to have him pray and ask Heavenly  father if he should be baptized on the 9th and we all knelt down and he said an amazing paryer you could feel the spirit so stong in the room it was insain and so we asked him again if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes with no dought it was sweet
and than also this week we had a lesson with alfred who is sweet and we set him for the 23rd and are really excited and I am kinda sad because elder aydelotte is going home soon and he is just so much fun to be with it is going to be sad when he goes home well 
happy holidays I love you all.   have a great week 

go and do what the Savior wants you to do! 

love Elder Brewster

Monday, November 27, 2017

best thanksgiving week

dear family and Friends and turkeys that survived

 this week was awesome we meet all of our goals except baptisms which is awesome and we just had a ton of small little miracles this week and the ward has been helping out a lot this week so it has been great! but the bigger news is that Luis is doing great he is progressing really well and it is amazing we feel like he will be baptized on the 9th so we are excited and then we got a call last night from one of our members and he has been working with his neighbor how has investigated but didn't like meeting with the missionaries but loved going to church and so he has been fellowshipping  her and she asked him what do i need to do to come closer to God and brother Clark said to be baptized! and she said ok how do i do that. and he said meet with the missionaries and she said she would so that was a huge miracle and so we are going to try to work with Barbra this week and see how it goes and also this week we got 4 of our investigators to church and they seemed like they loved it! we also got 4 new investigators. max we meet him on Tuesday and he is really nice we have an appointment with him on Saturday and we are excited, and then we meet occur how is really nice and looking for god and can to his door and he wants to know more! then we got this guy named Alfred he is from sedan and he was a double referral because the Spanish missionaries found him and then he thought we where going to come over so he called salt lake and referred himself and know the sisters there are trying to teach him over the phone, so they are trying
to steal him from a thousand miles away. and then we though a lady named Cheyenne and she is really nice. 
so  that all the info for investigators but so on thanks giving we had alot of fun so we had breakfast with the wilsons it was so goood and then we had district meeting that was fun and then we had dinner with the graves and that was pretty good then we had pie at the bishops and then choped some wood at the millers and he said we are his New favorites and that was funny and then we had leftovers at the rosealunds and that was are thanks giving well i hope you all had a great thanks giving please tell me about it 
well i love you all 
have a great week 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

happy thanksgiving everyone
so this week, not a lot happened we meet with Luis on tuesd
 and that went well we are shooting for the 9th of December so pray for him he is so awesome and he wants to learn all he can! and then we had a great time in Kearney we where doing a missionary night there and that was so much fun and we got to answer questions and it was a great time I love helping other! and i just wanted to thank you all for the prayers in my behave i love them and I love you all and i hope you have a  great Thanksgiving I am so thankful to God for sending me here it has been i great experience and i would not trade it for anything! 
i love you all
love elder Brewster

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


dear family and friends

This week was aweso

me and super busy week so I am going to try to tell you all that happened this week so on Monday we did a mini exchange with the Spanish elders because we had 6 appointments that night and so that was fun and then on Tuesday we had are car fast day and so we walk and found an injured cat. and we also had a great lesson with 2 of our potential Vicki and Kelly and they became new investigators and then on Wednesday we got a referral of a couple and we found out they one of them can only speaks Arabic and his wife speaks both English and Arabic and they want to know more so we taught them and there new investigators now and  then on Thursday we had zone conference with elder Nattress of the 70 and he was awesome we talked about inviting our members to be friends with our investigators and if we do that we have a net around them so that they can make it safely to the savior. and  then something awful happened my pen leaked in my new suit pants and it was super sad so I did some washing magic and it came out completely!!! and then we got ann one of are investigators sister a huge copy of the book of Mormon and know she is a new investigator and then we found a great guy named brody who wants to change so he is super cool and then on Saturday we woke up at 5:15 and went to do baptisms for the dead with sister lamb and the youth and that was a great experience and then we finaly got to teach one of are potentials this week and she is willing to investigate so we just got a ton of new investigators this week and it was so great I hope you all had a great week I love you guys so much  I hope you have a great week and that you can have missionary experiences

I love you all
Elder Brewster  

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween/Stake Conference in Grand Island

dear Family and Friends
sorry for last week I ran out time so just sent my companions email.😋🤗
but anyway this week was halloween and it was cold it snowed halloween morning  and kept snowing and also another fact it was on Tuesday and on tuesdays we dont use our cars from 10:30 till 5 so we bundled up and had fun walking in the snow and then are mission president asked that we stay in and study from  6 to the end of the night and that was fun and what was really cool is that sister Burton,  the best member ever,  gave us Halloween present bags and they were  so awesome and then also our car broke down and so we did even more walking but we found 4 new investigators this week so it was sweet and so we got are car fixed and got a new altinator  and battery and then we had stake conference and that was awesome well I have  got to go I

love you all 
love Elder Brewster
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Great Fireside in Grand Island!

 dear family and friends 

This week was sweet. Luis has been reading in the Book of Mormon and we found out he has a cousin who is a returned missionary who attends our ward. We also found a cool new family who is really excited to come to church and be baptized. They are from Africa but have been living in the states for a while. We went to a sweet fireside hosted by an older couple from our ward who has recently taken a trip to Israel to see the religious history sights. They gave the fireside to share a bunch of the things they learned. Among the highlights where: Joseph the father of Christ was a stone mason, Christs name is perhaps more properly translated, Joshua, Christs adult profession was most likely that of an attorney or lawyer, in Israel, bar mitzvahs take place at the western wall of the temple and are very similar to the endowment, and finally there a Jewish tradition that says there will one day be another Joseph sent to restore the temple and redeem Israel. Needless, to say it was a very interesting fireside.
We are having a blast,
Love, Elder Brewster

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

dear family and friends
this week was really great we did a lot of service this week and it was a lot

of fun so every week we do service for the restore and also a homeless shelter  and a museum called the sturh and so that is always fun and then this week we helped the red cross install fire alarms and that was a lot of fun it was like finding minus sharing the gospel. and then we had two really cool miracles and so we go to give this member a blessing and she was super grateful and then told us to come to family home evening and teach there kids who are not baptized so we can work with them so they can be baptized so we are so excited to work with them and then on sunday we decided to park our car and walk to our investigators and they weren't home so we walked back to are car and we see this guy holding a big pumpkin and i was thinking he too busy and then we decided to talk to him and at first he was saying i am catholic but i will listen and once we told him about the apostasy he just released and said that he believes that they twisted the bible and he wanted to find a not twisted bible and so we told him about Joseph smith and he really like that and then we told him about the book of Mormon and he said he would read and he said the closing prayer and it was so amazing and since it was so cool and so that was just a great experience and that was are week so how is everyone doing on the book of mormon challenge? i am loving it i am in alma 20 know and it has been a great experience well i love you all 
have a great week
LOVE: Elder Brewster

Monday, October 16, 2017

Slow but good Week

ear family and friends
so this week not to much happened this week but we say stewart and he is doing really good and then we say a lot of less  actives for the ward and that was fun and so we have zone conference on wednesday and so that will but fun but today I will send pics i love you have a great week
love elder Brewster

Monday, September 25, 2017

I am in Grand Island, Nebraska !!!

Dear family and friends,

This week I was transferred to Grand Island (the only island in Nebraska)  and I  am with Elder Adlotte and he and I were trained by the same trainer, Elder Rose, so we are brothers. We are having a fun time here in Grand Island. so this week we found  5 new investigators.The  people here are so awesome they just let you talk to them and most of them are good people and they  want to hear our message and that is sweet and so we didn't get anyone at church which was sad,  but we had this one kid his name is Stewart and he is so prepared he is on parole and so that sucks but he is  willing to come and so that is sweet.   well I will tell you more next week but I love you all and miss you and I hope you all have a great general conference

Elder Brewster

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick week, but a good week!!

Dear family and friends 
 This week was really fun.  On Wednesday we found 2 new investigators and one of them gave us an
Aloe Vera plant and some flosses and it was really funny and cool. and then we were picked up for district meeting by our zone leaders and that was fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and was lots of fun and I helped one of their recent coverts quite smoking by having her give us her cigarettes (see pic) and then I was sick on 
Friday, Saturday,

and Sunday. and so we were inside all day and I am so glad that I  am feeling better and so that was our week well I hope you have a great week I love you all
love Elder Brewster

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trip to Marysville, Kansas

dear family and friends

so this week was another week with bikes and it was really good. we got 1 new investigator this week. and that was fun and then we had district meeting and that was fun and then on Sunday we went down to Marysville Kansas and we spoke there and then president Kearl (counselor to our mission president) who drove us down gave a great testimony and answer to a prayer and said to them if all the people get one name for us we will come down twice a month and go see those people and so that was so awesome and a sweet little miracle and so yeah that was our week I love you all

LOVE elder Brewster

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bikes/Zone Conference and Many People at Church

dear family and friends

So this week was a great week we were able to get two new investigators  this week and I was so glad it has been a hard transition from car to bikes and so it makes work just a little bit harder. so this week we had zone conference and that was so much fun and then we had exchanges with our district leader and that was fun. then we had a great time at church because over 50 people were at church this week and so that was awesome

and there were people there that have not been to church in over 3 years and they were there and everyone was so happy. but so that was our
week I love you all

tell me how your weeks been I love you and hope your week has been awesome

LOVE elder Brewster

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I get to be a real missionary!!

Dear family and friends

This week's been pretty crazy, and there's been a lot that's happened.  We lost our car Wednesday night, so we're full-time on bicycles now.  We spent most of the week from Thursday to Saturday in Mahoney on exchanges with our District Leader while we sorted out getting bikes and everything.  I'm excited to have bikes now--I think we'll be able to work a lot more effectively now, and it'll be easier for us to talk to more people!
and so that was our week and it was so stressful for me but I am so glad that no one got hurt well I will tell you more next week I love you all


getting ready to meet Pres. Russel M. Nelson
ELder Brewster 🚴