Monday, April 24, 2017

Baptism in O'Neill, Nebraska :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Week of April 17th 2017

Dear family, and friends 

This week has been so good. We have had a Beautiful weather this week and everyone was out and it was fun trying to talk to alot of people.  Also this week we had Stake conference and elder Corbridge from the first quoram of the seventy came and spoke.  It  was so inspiring and he said this one quote I wanted to share with you and it is "you go where you look! so where are you looking" and he said that is how it is in this life if we look and go unto Christ, we will make it to Christ and if we look to what the world wants, we will be in the world. This is so true and he talked so much about  following Christ and his atonement.  That day we went out and did a huge finding activity and we found a lot a people for the elders in sioux city and we got to do it all in the rain! well I love you all here are some pictures  :) I love you guys  

Love,Elder Brewster

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear family, and friends and my many followers 😋

This week has been so great.  We had general conference this week and it talked all about the wonderful plan of salvation also known as the plan of happiness 😄 and I love this wonderful message which is that we live with are father in heaven before we came to this earth and he gave us this plan and he provided a savior who would take upon himself all the pains of the earth so that we could get back to our Father in Heaven and become like him if we work hard and except his son Jesus Christ. and then all whochoices  that plan came down to earth to receive a body and to be tested to see if they would come back to the father and after this life we go to the spirit world where we get another chance to hear the gospel and to come unto christ and then after that we have the great blessing of being resurected and to have our spirits and are bodies be one again and be perfect. We get another great blessing of being judged and put into the 3 kingdoms of Glory.  It is so amazing because we all get to be in a glory of god. and that is a simple, very simple verson of the plan of salvation. We get to know that and that is a great blessing.  I wanted to say I know that it is true and that we can leave to geather forever again. I know this is true and I would like you all to share it because it has changed my week, and I hope yours, well I better go 
I love you all so much.   please write me back!! I love you all 

LOVE, Elder Brewster