Thursday, July 21, 2016

Days are Long but Weeks are Short

Dear family and friends and people of the future

Sorry my last email was short I ran out of time to write a long one, my bad.

This week has been filled with crazy fun stuff with surprise speakers and surprise sicknesses and even more weird things. So let's start with a story about my district leader. So it was later in the day about 10:45 PM we were all trying to go to bed and my companion was being himself and Elder Winward had his foot off his bed and Elder Hansen scratched it and Elder Winward was having a bad dream (we didn't know that at the time) and so Elder Winward said no and hit his head on the back wall and when I saw that I said to Hansen "Elder Elder Elder" and
Winward said no no and he started sobbing into his journal and then silence. So Hansen thought he killed Winward so we all surrounded him and we tried to wake him up it didn't work and then we turned on the light and then Elder Simister (his companion) woke him up he sat right up and said I'm fine and then told us when he woke up he thought we were death eaters we all laughed so hard it was awesome that was on the first Sunday we were there that was fun.

This week has been awesome and crazy and fast, so I will just give you a summary of this week. So it was so cool to have a surprise visit from Elder Bednar and it was so cool but before he came I was super pale and had no energy so we went back to the residence and I took some vitamins (thanks mom) and then I feel asleep for 2 hours and when I woke up I felt amazing and I only missed 5 min of the Q&A and it was cool.  So then I also got so many packages this week and I love them thanks mom and dad. I also got to preform "How Great Thou Art" and it
was so awesome  I also got to host this week and it was so cool I miss you guys one piece of advice is trust in the Lord for everything and anything so go unto him in prayer every day.

I have to I love you guys bye

Love, Elder Brewster

Pictures From the MTC