Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day



I had so much fun talking to everyone that was on the video call yesterday it was full of fun and grumpy Brody's and crazy nieces and nephews and how loved the food! and that was fun and it hard some times when you only have 30 min!IT was fun and full of the spirit and that was the best so i just wanted to say I love you guys and I am so glad that you are all doing well.I love and miss you guys and I hope that you treated your mothers like queens on their special day! I love you all and I love my mom so much I will e-mail  you all next week!

love, Elder Brewster 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zone Conference/Service/Mother's Day :)

Dear,family and friends and excited mothers 

 This week not much happened.  We had zone conference and that is always a blast. We got  these new posters from are mission President and they are cool.   I will put a picture of it in the emai,l and then we got the amazing news that we can go to  temple again with our recent converts and watch them do baptisms.  We can actualy go into the font and do baptisms with them know which is crazy!
That  was so exciting to here about. We are trying really hard to get one of are recent converts to go to the temple and we are so excited for her!  The rest of this week was fun but not much happened but it was a good week but one thing we did that was fun was destroying an old shed and that was a lot of fun and then we just did a lot of service for everyone and it was crazy. We drove a lot this week! 

well I love you all and I am excited for mothers day to talk to some of you and so for the ones I am calling it will be at 3:30 4:15 ish so be ready to talk! I  love you guys so much I just wanted you to know I love you all and the savior loves you more then I can ever comprehend. I   know he will help us through any hard times and if you just need to tall, just email me I will be here every Monday ready to help! I hope you all have a fantastic week 

LOVE: Elder Brewster

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What, snow in the middle of Spring?

Dear family and friends

This week has gone by so fast, not much has happened here. we did service and had exchanges and I got to go to Vermillion with elder Osborn and we found this family and had an amazing lesson with them and they are so ready to be baptized, it so amazing that was so much fun.I love being a missionary it just makes me so happy! 

 This week at church during 3rd hour we read and talked about the living Christ and that was so amazing all the knowledge we get from one piece of paper and we know all of these thing throgh revelation from God and that is a wonderful gift we have on this earth.  It is so amazing how we can learn more and more about him everyday by reading the book of mormon and I am so grateful for this record of scriputure well I love you all so much.  I will write you again next week if you have any questions just ask and I will respond!

LOVE, Elder Brewster

Ps it snowed like crazy yesterday we got over a foot of snow in APRIL and so that was just insane.