Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27th---Catholic Fish Fry and Boot Camp

Dear family, friends and people i do not know!! 

This week has been awesome.  At the beginning of the week we went to zone confrence and that was a lot of fun but we did not know or we forgot it started at 9 and we thought it started at 11 so we werean hour and a half late. It was so embarrassing and we spent the night with the norfolk elders and I forgot to bring my suit coat ( ya i dont know how i forgot it) and so I wore a coat that was just a black jacket that kinda looked like a suit coat kinda no one really noticed so i was happy about that!😥😆😆 We drove back to norfolk and we atedinner with them and then the rest of the day we drove home and we got home at 9:40 p.m. It was a long day oh and we also did zone olympics.  This was fun I was so tired that I slept in the car.

 On Friday we went to a Catholic Church and had a fish fry with a family in our branch.This was fun and the father was really nice to us and he wasglad we came it was so funny! and then on Saturday we had an investigator who had investigated for 10 YEARs and so we have been trying to work with him and it has been hard, He has gone through the lessons like 6 times and he knows the chruch is true, but he wont come to church and so we have been trying forever to find a way to get him to church.  Any sugestions?

We actually met a new investigator. His name is Tyler Haul and he is from Dallas Texas and he just moved to Lincoln NE. He is going to be here for 8 weeks while  his wife is in boot camp. His wife is a member and she got baptized when he was in boot camp a few years ago. We had are first lesson with him after church and he loved the church and so he is taking care of his son while she is in boot camp.  his son's  name is Roman and he loves roming around and he is a ball of energy. he has met with missionaries off and on for the past few years and so we invited him to baptism on the 15th of April and he said YES.  We  were so excited  and we asked him to see if wanted to wait until his wife was back and he said she got baptized when he was in boot camp and so he said that it is fine that he gets baptized when she is gone.  he said that it dosent matter because my main goal is to be sealed with his wife in the temple for all eternity and that just made me so happy and both me and elder Porter knew he is ready for baptism and I will keep you all up to date on what happens next.  well I love you all so much I will see you next week 

Love, Elder Brewster

Monday, March 20, 2017

MARCH 20TH 2017

Dear Family, friends and lepercons,

This  week went by so fast.   this week was as you all know as St pattys week or were green or your going to get pinched alot day. i think that is what they need to call it! but sence being in ONeill Nebraska the Ishish capital  it was crazy here! there was a huge parade and alot of fun activities and games for all ages and everyone and their dog was there and they were all wearing green and there was a lot of drunk people everywhere that week end and so at night we stayed in and stuied or went to go see a lot of are less actives so that was my week I hope all of your weeks were awesome!

well I love you all and are excited to here your feed back i love you guys tell me all about your week i would love to here about it. 
Love elder Brewster 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dear family friends and whoever gets this email,    Monday, March 13, 2017

I want to start by saying Ilove you al,l but a lot of you do not write me back and so it makes it hard for me to want to Write a weekly letter so if you want more of these then start writing! just know i still love you and miss you all. and so in to the actaul email

so  this week has gone by so fast. This week we had exchanges that is where we go to are district leaders area and you go with him or his companion and go and work in there area, and so we did this on Thursday, and that was alot of fun.   so as some of you know Iam in a little town called ONeill and it is the Irish Captial of Nebraska and so there is Shamrocks everywhere and green is also everywere, but to get to the point we drive everywhere and so most of the day Thursday was driving and then on Friday  we went to Sewer city oh I mean sioux city an we had zone Training and that was so much fun.  we talked about how we can change our will to the lords will and one way we can do that is giving up something that is not in harmony with what the lord would  have us do, and give that up so that we can become better and so I challenge you all to do that and to pray to know what you need to do to do the lords will and help others by making your self the best servent of the lord you can 

well I hope you all email me back and do my challenge well i love you all so much and i hope your week is fantastic 

LOVE, elder Braxton Brewster 

Monday, March 13, 2017

 Braxton's district in Lake View, Nebraska
 Transfer day for Braxton and other missionaries in Omaha, Nebraska church building.
This is Elder Dallin Porter.  Braxton's companion in O'Neill, Nebraska.  Elder Porter is from Moab, Utah.  He also lived in Rock Springs, Wyomming.

O'Neill, Nebraska--Happy St. Patrick's Day--

Elder Braxton Brewster has been on his mission since July 6, 2016.

He is in his second area.  He was in Omaha, Lake View Ward for 7 months.  He was able to teach and participate in a baptism for a 17 year old.  His dad was able to baptize him!!