Monday, May 21, 2018

good week/not quite as awesome, but good!

 dear family and friends
 so this week wasn't as awesome as last week but we had a lot of fun at zone conference and state conference. so I'll start from the beginning of the week so on Tuesday we had zone conference and that was really cool we focused on how we could overcome the lies of the adversary! and also how we need to make the gospel not just the check list but a what what we become from living it and how it has changed us not just that let's get it done list. And so that was really good. We also talked about how we can use our members better and how by just getting to know their friends not even teaching their friends will be able to talk to more people and will be able to have more contact with other people in that they will begin to have more interest in the church.
 and I also got to see to missionaries that went to Timpanogos while I was there their names are elder jacot and sister Anderson and so that was really cool. we also had a pretty good lesson with the Marten kids they're doing really well and we're going to start at working with their friends and try to talk to their friends about the gospel too so we're really excited for that they're really excited for that. William Marten said he wants to give his friend Book of Mormon and so we gave him one and he's really excited for that so we're going to ask them how that went this week. then nothing much happened on Wednesday but on Thursday we met this lady her name is Lindsay and we taught her the full restoration and she really liked it and said that she no it's God would not leave them alone and that she would give the people of the source new scripture not just old stuff but new stuff too! and so that went really well we couldn't meet with her on Saturday she wasn't home and on Sunday she wasn't feeling well so we're going to try her this week and try to get her to church so we're really excited for that. and not too much happen on Friday except weekly planning. then on Saturday not much happen either. but sunday was amazing so brother Corunna drove a to Kearney and we got to meet elder K. David Scott of the 70 and got the shake his hand and he talked a lot about making little changes in our life and to begin again today and then he talked also about this really cool things that I didn't really noticed until recently and it was that heavenly Father always gathers us together and Satan always separates us the for tears us apart. and that was just a big eye opener and he gave us a lot of examples of things in his life and our life that we can do to understand the gospel better. one of the ways he did that was telling one of the ways he did that was telling us a story about one time where he was going to go do something and they went downstairs and went through a whole bunch of rooms and right before he got to the room that he needs to go to he forgot why he was there and he did that 2 or 3 times and never remembered why he went down there and he related that to us coming down to this earth sometimes you get distracted where we can't remember why we're down here. And that was really cool too and then after a steak conference I saw two missionaries that I served around at the beginning of my mission and the middle of my mission.  so I first saw elder Goodwin and he now lives in Broken Bow which is in our stake  and it was really good to see him he has a beard now.  but the one that was really great to see was elder bair he was my eyes only either one I was in O'Neill and so we had a lot of fun and is great to see to see and talk to him and to meet his wife. And then we had another really cool miracle on Sunday night we met this lady named Ashley and we walk  up to her and she wasn't super interested she but she wants to learn more about other religions and that's really cool but then we asked her if we could share 5-minute restoration and she change her desire went up and she read the Book of Mormon and said that she'd be baptized if she knew that it was true and so we're going to go see her this next coming Sunday! so that was my week also this coming week is my birthday so email me because I'd love to get a bunch of emails but how you guys are doing and what's going on well I love you all

Love: Elder Brewster

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Happy Mother's Day and Miracles Galore

 dear family and friends
 so this week was a great week we got for new investigators and their names are Leo, Tanya, Dakota, and James.  so this week started off with on Tuesday we had another lesson with Leo and we read the Book of Mormon with him and he was kind of interested but not really paying attention but then he asked us a question that was just awesome he ask will I be able to see my wife again and we testified  to him that he can and we shared with him some scriptures that talk about that and then we invited him to read those scriptures on his own so that he could be able to learn about it himself and it was just really cool. then on Wednesday we went to go see less active member that we met the week before and we taught him and his wife and one of his sons about the restoration and and it went really well and we set her for baptism for June 6th and she said that she wants to be baptized and that she's willing and so we're really excited to work with Tanya and be able to help her do that also she is half death and so we're going to try to find someone who knows sign language to help her out with coming to church cuz she can read lips really well but it's just when it's far away it's hard for her and then on Friday my sinuses were acting up like crazy and I had 5 bloody noses one day and I had to change three white shirt in one day and so that sucked but is kind of funny. and on Sunday we talked to our families and that was lots of fun and I just wanted to say thank you to all the moms in my life especially my mother at DeeAnn Hall Brewster,  and also my mission mom's sister Taggart and sister Gardner they're awesome and also my drama mama Agnes Broburge  and also my stepmom Karen I think them for all that they have done for me and all that they have taught me and really how they have helped me become the man and missionary that I am today and so after our call home we went and tried some of our investigators to give them Mother's Day chocolate bars and none of them were home but we saw this man in a motorized wheelchair and we were prompted to go and talk to him and he was really nice and when we started talking about our message and about modern-day profits he agreed with it and really loved it and so that was just awesome and then we shared the Prince of Peace video and also give him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it and we're going to visit him this week and it was just awesome to see how humble he was and so that was our week it was a really fun week and I'm excited for this next one cuz I feel like the more and more I work them more miracles that will happen especially near the end of my mission so I'm really excited for that! so if you have any questions email me back and I will email you guys I love getting your email so please email me well have a great week! I love you all!
Love: Elder Brewster

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Good week inspite of it sounding like it wasn't :)

dear family and friends 

so i had a great week!  so the title in might think that I had an awful week but it was actually a great week so to start off by just want to start with  talking about jewelry so we hot her the restoration and it went really well she had one or to concerns but we cleared am up and at the end I bore my testimony to her and she started crying and then I started crying and I just said because she she said that she went promise that should read the book Mormon and they said to her after we the book Mormon cuz that's the only way that that you'll know that these things are truly you can feel this more life and it you just crying and then she's like rooster and we all just started laughing and so it won't really well she's doing really well I'm working to meet with her at the end of this coming week so we're really excited for that and then we also tried to meet with Jordan and nelson and it was just a big do chase and we couldn't meet with her but we're going to meet with her tonight to wear really excited for that also we found a new investigator or name Helen she's not not super like committed but she's interested in hearing so we're going to keep on working with her we talk her the restoration and want really well we also went to a baptism and that was for William Clements and I found out his and husband is actually Brewster just his dad was adopted to eat took another name and so I found the Brewster that state in England so that was really cool to see some family in to talk to them we shared a lot of stories is awesome and then on Sunday were talking to the guy and he just drove down the street and start young at the stop doesn't exist and then we we talked in and he just like time to stump office send it was just made me a little angry but then I felt really bad for him could you could tell he was kind of pissed off that we work convinced and so that was kind of fun and then we went and talked to Julie little bit more and she's so funny after that and so yeah that was our week and it won't really well we have interviews on Wednesday so I'm excited for that until let me know how your week was and I'll try to get back to you I love you all love elder Brewster

Monday, April 23, 2018

New Companion, Same Area--Hastings

Dear Family and friends
 this week has been really  good elder on Bach got transferred to Omaha in the van Chanel Ward and I got elder dallimore  I replaced him when I went to Grand Island and so we know a lot of the same people and it's really been a lot of fun. So this week I was really great Elder Dallimore gave a talk and it was really good we also had a really cool miracle with one of our potentials as well now investigators her name's Julie so she's been sick a lot lately with cancer and so she was found by missionaries about 6 months ago but she moved to live with her parents so that she could have helped but then she moved back and we just had a really cool experience with her yesterday so we decided

to finally go see her after a while and she was home and she needed help with her washer and dryer so we helped out with that and and she's just told us the story about how about right before she got cancer she just wanted to give all her wheel to God and she said she so excited to start meeting with us and we are excited to work with her and we also found a couple potential things are just really looking up here in Hastings and we're really excited we also went to Red Cloud this week and went to go see one of our investigators and found out that she was all stressed but now she's a little bit better so we're going to try to work with her this week and so we're really excited yeah I really like the elder dallimore we've been having a lot of fun and it's just been great and I'm excited to keep working with him to work hard here in Hastings I hope you guys have a great rest of your week and let me know anything cool that happened.  I love you all

Love: Elder Brewster

Monday, April 16, 2018

snow/winter doesn't stop a baptism :)

 dear your family and friends
 so this week was a really good week I got to go to Josh's baptism which was awesome I was really excited for that and I got to be a witness at his baptism so that was awesome and it was so great to see him and really to see that he had a testimony of Joseph Smith like that made me really happy and it was just really awesome that was on Thursday and two that was awesome we also did service for sister Boughton one of our investigators and she came to church this week which was really awesome and we're going to keep on working with her she's been working with the missionaries for about 10 years so it's been a long road but seems like she's coming closer and closer.
 and then we also had a dinner with the Martin kids and had a lesson that went really well they're really excited to keep working with us and we found out that elder omBach is leaving we don't know where or who I'm getting so weird said to see what happens and he's been Hastings for a while so he's sad but happy to leave. 
 and then we had a really fun District meeting and so this is all the Peterson's last transfer he was my last companion and so we usually call it when someone's in there last transfer there dying and so you'll really enjoy the pictures there

pretty funny and then we also have been working with James Anderson and he is doing really well and we got back in contact with him and we're going to try to read the scriptures with him every other day and it also snowed again on Saturday so we are pretty much inside all day and we went a little stir crazy but it was good and we had seven investigators at church so that was awesome it so great to have pretty much all of our investigators at church it was sweet well I hope you guys had a great week let me know about it and I love you all

Love: Elder Brewster

Monday, April 2, 2018

End of March--April played a Prank

Dear family and friends 
 so this week was so good I love General Conference.The announcement of changing elders quorum and high priest to combine together to be one elder's quorum was it an amazing idea and it will be really good for branches and it will be really good for the Hastings Ward here and yeah I'm really excited for it. and so this week we had exchanges and I went with elder wall and that was lots of fun we talked a lot and I have these two foam swords and I gave him one and I knighted him with it and then he killed me so that was fun he loves fencing and so we had a lot of fun with that and we fought like all night with the swords so it was awesome and then on April 1st we had a big surprise here it snowed about 4 inches and and so there's a video that I'll send with this but it was crazy it was like Mother Nature is trying to pull an  April Fools prank on us so we went to the Clements for General Conference on Sunday and that was really fun and they're really nice and we decorated eggs with the kids and it was just awesome I just love being here in Hastings and also love being on my mission I just wanted to share with you guys just a little bit about what I liked about General Conference the main thing that I really liked was the Solemn assembly was so sweet and how all the Apostles really talked about it and focused on it and so it just was really amazing and also I just love the different talks about missionary work and really just being prepared for the second coming and also just being the best we can be now but I hope you guys had a wonderful conference let me know what you liked about it and I will email you back about what I thought. I hope you guys have a great rest of your week and I love you all

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Holy Good Week

Dear Family and Friends 
so this week was a pretty good week so we had interviews with President Gardner and had zone training  and it was so good and we talked about giving our whole self to our Father in Heaven and it was so good I loved it and then on Wednesday we had dinner with the Martins and that was really good we has shishkabobs  and it reminded me of going to dads and make hundreds of those and then we had fun with them outside and we taught them  the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was really good. then I gave a talk on member missionary work in sacrament meeting this week and it went really well and then we got 8 referrals in one day and so that was sweet and so that was our week 
I love you all 

LOVE Elder Brewster 
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