Monday, February 12, 2018

Cold never bothered me anyway

dear family and friends
 this week it snowed again and it was really cold and didn't really get above 32 degrees except for like one day so is just cold all week but really as long as I have my big one coat some gloves and my Russian hat all always be ok!  and so this week we taught Josh and it went really well we set him or he set for himself for baptism for March 17th and we're really excited for him and he's excited to be baptized and we're going to keep working with him and then we also helped out this guy who was in the hospital who we visited I think I mentioned it in my last email and he is doing a lot better and we're going to start teaching him the discussions and we are really excited and then we had a really cool experience yesterday so we were asked to go over to this one member's sister Adams who lost her husband a year ago and has been having a lot of back problems and we gave her a blessing and it was a really cool blessing I got the privilege to seal the anointing and I just really felt like the spirit was guiding me and afterward she said it was exactly what she needed and so that was really cool it just helped strengthen my testimony of blessings and their importance, not just the heal, but to comfort and to help people come closer to Christ and so I just wanted to share that with you guys I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and let me know if you guys have any great experiences with the spirit guided you I hope you have a wonderful week and know that I love you all
 love elder Brewster

Heart shaped stress balls :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Slow, but good week

Dear family and friends!
 so this week was a good week not much happened because our investigators are really busy so we can visit them but we had two really good lessons with Josh.   one was on the word of wisdom and that went really well he has a hard time with coffee so definitely need some prayers on that and and so he's doing really well and then we had another lesson with him on fasting and paying tithing  and that one really well and then we went and visited this member who is less active in the hospital and he had been having a really hard time but we gave him a blessing and it was so cool and you can tell that his  faith really grew.This  was awesome it was just such a cool experience well that was my week I hope you guys have a great rest of your week just let me know if you have any questions just put it in the email and I'll try to answer it either next time out or I'll do a personal email to answer it
Well I love you all have a great week
 love elder Brewster

Monday, January 29, 2018

Pictures from Grand Island, Nebraska :)

Transfer Week

 dear family and friends. 
 so I was not transferred I'm still in Grand Island and with Elder  Peterson and we're excited about this transfer. not too much happened we had a pretty good lesson with Sarah she's doing really well she's studying different passages from the book Mormon so it's been awesome! and then we had dinner with a lot of members this week so that's been good and we made homemade pizzas that was really good I still have to finish mine but it was a really good!  and then next week or this week we have zone conference and it will be really fun other people will be performing on the piano so that'll be fun and yeah that's pretty much been our week! how's your guyses week been?  I haven't really gotten too many emails this week so its been kinda weird and strange please email me back can I'd love to hear from you all I love you all and I hope you have a great rest of your week and let me know if there you have any questions for me alright I love you all
 love elder Brewster

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Crazy, good week!

Dear family and friends,
This week has been crazy and really fun! So this week was our full week of having smartphone and it's been really good and I'm starting to get used to them. So on Tuesday we had a pretty good day we had really good chili at the Lukens and then we went on a team up with brother Lukens and that was fun and we found out that Alfred got really sick so he was in the hospital on Tuesday so we couldn't see him (put him in your prayers) but he is doing better.
Then on Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer so that was sad and then on Thursday was a really busy so we did serve at the ReStore and then we did serve at hope harbor (homeless shelter) and that was fun and then went to Sara Bandt's with brother levander and it went so well we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was so good and she is so prepared and she had a cool miracle so she has bad anxiety especially with driving on ice but ever since she has started reading the book of Mormon she has had 0 anxiety problems and she also said the book of Mormon just makes sense! So she is doing so good! But she works Sunday's so she can't come to church but she wants to and at the end of spring she will get weekends off and she said when that happens she will come every Sunday after that! And then we went and saw shauntel and it was so hard for me too understand her but it went well. So then on Friday we had a pretty good day we weekly planned and had dinner with the Xecs and that was really good I

love Hispanic food!! And then on Saturday we had a great lesson with Josh and so he is also meeting with sister's in Kearny so that is going well. Then on Sunday we had a great time at church and then we had dinner at the Lukens again and it was fun and because the weather was starting to get crazy so we played uno with them and I thought it was only going to take 10 minutes but that game went for an HOUR! But it was fun but I never want to play uno again. And then we saw some people and that was good and then we woke you this morning and it was blizzarding outside so we are staying inside all day. Oh and I forgot to tell you I got new glasses 🤓😎and so how do you like then?
So that was our week. How was your week? 
Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week !

Love, Elder Brewster

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Bonnie

 dear family and friends,
 this week has been a great week we got our smartphones and also on Thursday we got a new investigator her name is shantel she ordered the Bible online and she's really nice she doesn't speak too much English very well at least and she really wants to learn more and so yeah we really excited for her and then we had a lesson with Josh  on the gospel of Jesus Christ and that went really well. We  had a great lesson with Sarah and Jeff Thomas one of our less actives we are working with came with us and he's come back to church so that is  amazing and then we also had a great dinner with Jeff Thomas and had these gaint gyros  and we also watched President Monson's funeral and that was amazing I love that and all the different stories about President Monson and one of the stories was on my birthday and so that was really cool and so that was just an amazing thing and so yeah it's been a great week and I hope all of you have had a great week also and I'm just very grateful for the  technology that we've been able to use and it really helps bring more people to Christ just cuz it makes it easier to access them and really if you guys ever know anyone that that needs  the gospel in their life refer them on LDS tools and it will really help so yeah well I hope you guys had a great week and if you have any questions for me email meI love you all!
Elder Brewster

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Great Week--President Monson Rest in Peace

dear family and friends
this week was a good week we had exchanges and I went with elder Rubio and that was fun Thursday we got a new investigator who referred himself to us and his name is Josh he is really nice and we have taught him twice this week and he really just wants to know what we believe or has he said it "whats your doctrine" and so it is going well. then we have been working with one of are less actives who have been coming back and we found out that he is completely smoke-free and that was really hard for him. and we got him to start talking to his girlfriend in Australia about investigating the church and so that is going well for him and we are also helping him go to the temple and do baptisms for the first time. we also gave two blessing this week and one of them we found out had bed bugs so we ran home as soon as we could and thought everything in the dryer and we do not have bed bugs so everything is ok. well, i better go.

i love you all and i hope you have a great week 
love elder Brewster