Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Across the river to Hastings

dear family and friends 
 got transferred to hasting witch is the area right below grand island so i didnt move very far so I am in the same district and my new comp is elder ombach he is from Roy UT and he reminds me a lot of  tyson it is kinda weird but I am excited so this week I had a cool experience  so it all started with the abundece (20 bucks to use to help others) my dad gave me right befor my mission and so I found out i was getting transfered and so we went and saw jeff thomas and found out he lost his job and he was really low on his money and so I remembered what you said to use it to help others and so I gave it to him and at first he said he didnt want it but i said you need it so I gave it to him and so we said bye and then later that day we went and saw another person and she gave us goodbye bags and she gave me a card and I opened it about 2 hours later and found 60bucks in there and so I used that to refill my abundece and so I thought that was just amazing thing that happened I love serving others and see the lord work though me. 
and then this week elder ombach and I thought we were going to be bike missionaries because we both don't have our driving privileges but he found out he could drive again and that made him super happy and I hope he does not drive as crazy as elder Winward or Tyson. 
and here is my new address is 3020 parklane dr #11 hastings NE 68901 so send as many packages as you want i will not deny your charity 
well that was our week i love you all 

love Elder Brewster

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week before Transfers

 Dear family and friends
 so this week was a pretty good week so transfers are on Wednesday and I'll find out tomorrow if I'm being transferred so send stuff to the mission office if you're sending anything so this week we had a pretty good lesson with Josh after district meeting and district meeting was really good too.we went over the baptismal interview questions and he only really had problem with one and it was with modern day prophets so we're working well with him and we hope he will still get baptized on the 17th but we think that everything will go well he's just having kind of a hard time being all in but we're going to keep working with him and he seems like he is moving closer and closer to it so I probably won't be here when he gets baptized but I'll let you know if she does also this week on Saturday we went with Jeff Thomas one of our returning members to this Mormon trail and we took pictures and had a lot of fun and we had lunch with him it's just a great time and it was just really cool to go to that historical site and to see that.  and then we had dinner with another one of our less active members Philip casner  and he's doing really well and he's going to start coming back to church so yeah we've been really working with less actives  lately but seems like we're going to get a lot more investigators pretty soon but so this week we are challenged by Pres. Gardner to go through this list that Pres. Nelson made about the book of Mormon what it refuse what it that's fries about and different stuff like that and there's just really cool to go through all the different things that the book Mormon covers  and help us understand and so that was really cool and then we  went to Omaha on Tuesday and I got to go to the doctor that was fun but what really sucked is that I left my scriptures in Omaha so I'll get those on Wednesday and so I've been having to use like the paperback book Mormons until I've also been using my phone which is nice but it's just not the same I miss my quad but well that was pretty much are weeknot too much happened but I hope you guys had a great week let me know how your week is in your response to this email or another email that he sent me I love you guys
 love elder Brewster

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Grand Island, Nebraska--visit to the Mormon Trail

 dear family and friends
 so this week was pretty good we had a great lesson with Josh and he looks like he's going to be baptized on March 17th so we're really excited and then we got two more for us this week so that's great and then on Saturday we had breakfast with a member and he took us to the Mormon trail and that was sweet and then he took us out to breakfast and I had an awesome omelette and then he took us to baptism of one of our members kids and we went there with Jeff Thomas and he really liked it and that was really cool
and then we also had interviews on Tuesday and those want well and transfers are on March 7th so so I'll most likely be transferred and so if you're going to send me anything after Fridaysend it to the mission office and then I'll probably get then but yeah those pretty much a week I hope you guys have a great rest of your week and that everything goes well for you guys and let me know how you're reading and just how your sunday is been I always like to know how you guys are doing so just email me and hopefully you will have wonderful week.
 I love you all!
 love Elder Brewster

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Valentine's Week from the Grand Island District

dear family and friends
 so this week was pretty good. we finally saw Alfred again which is awesome he's doing really well he's just been really busy with his job but he is going to keep on meeting with us and we're sending him daily scriptures and he is really excited for that so we're really excited to work with him and then we also had a really fun district meeting it was Valentine's Day so we all were red or pink and so we have all these really funny district meeting pictures that I'm going to send and also I gave out a whole bunch of heart shaped stress balls and everyone really liked them so that was sweet and then the sisters also gave everyone Valentines and then other Rubio goddess heart cookies the Pillsbury ones and they're really good and then we went on exchanges I went with elder Hawks or another person went with all the Rubio we had a lot of fun. Jeff Thomas fed us burgers and we kind of talked to his girlfriend who was an Australian she seems really nice so that was really cool and then not much else happen this week we met with Josh he is doing really well and yeah everything hasn't been too exciting but it's been really good I hope you guys are having a great week and I hope you guys had a great valentines day I love you all and let me know how your week is been? 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cold never bothered me anyway

dear family and friends
 this week it snowed again and it was really cold and didn't really get above 32 degrees except for like one day so is just cold all week but really as long as I have my big one coat some gloves and my Russian hat all always be ok!  and so this week we taught Josh and it went really well we set him or he set for himself for baptism for March 17th and we're really excited for him and he's excited to be baptized and we're going to keep working with him and then we also helped out this guy who was in the hospital who we visited I think I mentioned it in my last email and he is doing a lot better and we're going to start teaching him the discussions and we are really excited and then we had a really cool experience yesterday so we were asked to go over to this one member's sister Adams who lost her husband a year ago and has been having a lot of back problems and we gave her a blessing and it was a really cool blessing I got the privilege to seal the anointing and I just really felt like the spirit was guiding me and afterward she said it was exactly what she needed and so that was really cool it just helped strengthen my testimony of blessings and their importance, not just the heal, but to comfort and to help people come closer to Christ and so I just wanted to share that with you guys I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and let me know if you guys have any great experiences with the spirit guided you I hope you have a wonderful week and know that I love you all
 love elder Brewster

Heart shaped stress balls :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Slow, but good week

Dear family and friends!
 so this week was a good week not much happened because our investigators are really busy so we can visit them but we had two really good lessons with Josh.   one was on the word of wisdom and that went really well he has a hard time with coffee so definitely need some prayers on that and and so he's doing really well and then we had another lesson with him on fasting and paying tithing  and that one really well and then we went and visited this member who is less active in the hospital and he had been having a really hard time but we gave him a blessing and it was so cool and you can tell that his  faith really grew.This  was awesome it was just such a cool experience well that was my week I hope you guys have a great rest of your week just let me know if you have any questions just put it in the email and I'll try to answer it either next time out or I'll do a personal email to answer it
Well I love you all have a great week
 love elder Brewster