Monday, June 26, 2017

Bye Bye to O'Neill, Nebraska

Dear Family and Friends

Thisweek was really good.  We were busy all week because we had exchanges and then the next day we had Spanish conference.  I only understood half of it (because half of it was in English ) 
and that was lots of fun! and then we also went over to mike's and we helped him with moving and seting up fireworks so he could sell them, and that was fun.  We had a great lesson with him and he is opening up more and more and then we found out that night that we were closing O'neill and that was sad, but it will all work out. It was just a little out of no where but I am excited to know where I go next.well I love you all so much. I will talk to you all next week .  :)

Elder Brewster
                                                 Spanish Conference
                                              Branch Pres. Shakespaere in O'Neill

                                                    Elder Brewster being sad
                                                   A family in O'Neill(no info or names given)
                                                          Member from O'Neill/Family from O'Neill

Monday, June 19, 2017


Dear family and fiends 
this week was kinda of a slow week just because on Wednesday and Thursday I was sick with a stomach bug and it was not fun so that took up a good chunk of the week, but we also made some salsa this week with one of our members, and that was so much fun. We had a branch pic nic and it was so much fun and it started raining. that was my week.well I hope everything is going well back home. I love you guys very much and if you have any questions dont be afaid to ask.  I will answer,or try to answer them. well I love you all very much have a great week 

love, Elder Brewster 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bugs, Zone Conference and Awesome T-shirts!!(6/12/17)

Dear family and friends, 

This  week was a lot of fun. This week the bugs came out and I got like 40 bug bites all over me and that was fun! This week we had zone conference and it was so good.  We talked about planing for our investigators and how we can apply it to ourselves and how we can keep becoming better. We  talked about it in Heavenly father's shoes and that was awesome to see how the plan of salvation is so simple and how it helps us know what we need to do to come closer to are Heavenly Father! and that was a great day we also played soft ball and that was so much fun! and then this week we saw mike vanderbeek and he is one of our eternal investigators. We did have a break through this week and we are going to keep teaching him because he is starting to change.This is so amazing well I love you guys have a great week. 

Elder Brewster

Monday, June 5, 2017

Two emails in one :)

Dear family and friends 
I am still working of all the weight from all the brithday treats :)This week we had interviews with president Gardner and that went well.   we had exchanges with are zone leaders and that was so much fun and we found 4 new investigators and man has it been along time but it was awesome.   I am so excited to work with them and to help them learn more bout gods plan for us! and so these past few weeks we have been doing a points system to help us be more motivated to work with members and help them work with the friends  so i would like you to try the same thing.   find a video that you can share with a friend that you know will help them in their lives and i know if you do that it will bless there lifes and help you feel closer to our savior jesus christ well i love you all have a great week 

love elder Brewster 

Dear family and friends
i am  finally a legal adult in Nebraska! 
I also wanted to thank you all for the birthday messages and also the letters and other stuff I love you guys so much. i wanted to share with you all what i learned from this wonderful birthday. when we focus on others are days will be better! and i learned this thought the scriptures and also by doing it and i challege you all to do that is focus on others and that is what Christ did and that is what we need to do I.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.
 Birthday cards from the primary kids in the O'Neill Branch  May 28th 2017