Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Have Faith and be ALL IN :)

dear family and friends
so this week was tons of fun. to start off, I am going to give you our  miracle that I told president this week here it is:

we had a really cool experience.we have been praying for a miracle this week and so we decided  to go to south side of town and so Elder Twede was prompted to go to this one house that has a pretty big drive way.   and so we see this 14 year old kid out side and we ask if his parents are there and he said his mom was inside in the bathroom. we said we would come back later and so we start walking up the drive way when the mom (Michelle) comes out and says "are you the Mormons "and we said yes.   she has been going though a really hard time she just lost her husband in a lawn mowing accident about 2 months  ago and her father passed away a year ago and she said she wants to talk to us for alittle bit.   she told us that story and asked if we could pray with her, extacly  where her husband passsed away and so we did and she really liked it. we were going to teach her the plan of salvation but she said she was alittle drunk and wanted us to come a back another time.   so we are going over there on Thursday and she was so thankful for us coming over because she has 2 uncles that live in Utah and one of them is a bishop and so it was so amazing to see us planning by the spirit and following  promptings of the Lord

so that happened last night and it was so amazing, but also this week we helped a less active family move and we got really close really fast it was just crazy and sad. this week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and we had a lot of fun and also we went to this small town call pickrell and we were going around finding and this little girl just keep following us everywhere it was so funny, and then one of our investigators went cazy and started yelling at this guy who was walking down the street and then we found out he was drunk so we left.and he really wants us to help him stop drinking.   so ya it was good crazy week I hope you all have a great week 

I love you all

love elder Brewster

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